5 Bong Mouthpieces to Defeat Cup Cough

Cup cough: it’s a thing. From a germ perspective, sharing a bong is about the same as swapping spit. So it’s no surprise that you can catch a cold, flu, or any other number of viruses from taking rips from a communal bong.

If want to avoid catching cup cough (but not pass your the next smoke sesh), you can always get yourself one of any number of cannabis bong mouthpieces people have come up with. This is still a developing market, so there’s not tons of selection (at least not compared to bongs in general) but you can get it’ll grow as cannabis acceptable grows here and above the border.

Here are some of your choices as of 2018:

1. Silicone Mouthpiece

Moose Labs has introduced a number of cannabis supplies into the world, including the world-famous Mouthpeace – probably among the most well-known of cannabis bong mouthpieces. This baby comes in three sizes, with a universal design that fits most bongs, pipes, and vapes out there. The silicone design makes it easy to wash (just toss it in the dishwasher) for a germ-free smoking experience.

2. Angled Mouthpiece

If you love to rip a colossally-tall bong that teeters when you touch it, the angled mouthpiece is for you. This shape solves the problem of building a piece too tall to hit without the threat of tipping your stack over too far. It also does a good job of extending the pipe for a cooler puff of smoke.

3. Spiral Mouthpiece

This one’s just cool. There are a few spiral-style mouthpieces out there, like the Helix, with holes that make the smoke spiral in chamber. Even your sober friend should be able to appreciate the effect, as far as I’m concerned. As a bonus, it’s supposed to slow the burn.

4. KashIt

The Kashit is a glass mouthpiece designed to cool your smoke waaaaay down before it hits your lungs (as seen in this cheesy video demonstration.) I love the concept of this thing, because heat is my only complaint about pipes and the reason I prefer vaping. Smart idea and easy execution. Unfortunately, it’s become pretty hard to find this thing.

5. Gas Mask

Excessive? Absolutely. Awesome? Well, I think that depends on how you feel about rave goggles and other goofy stoner headgear. Stoners have been piping their hits to gas masks since WW1, but Moose Labs cannabis supplies wizards responsible for the Mouthpeace, have now created a silicone version made especially for smoking pot. It’s ridiculous and I don’t like it, but it exists, and I’d be wrong not to mention it in a post about mouthpieces.

What’s Your Favorite Mouthpiece?

A boring old silicone mouthpiece to keep the glass mouthpiece of my vape clean is good enough for me. I’d try the KashIt if given the opportunity, and I’ll admit I’d shell out for the spiral helix if I could afford it. Thoughts?

What Do You Need to Know About Honor 8X?

The Honor is considered as the leading smartphone e-brand under the Huawei group. They formally declared to launch its most recent smartphone, the Honor 8X, this October 2018. Honor 8X shows a notch like iPhone X and Honor 8X accompanies a water drop notch, like that of OPPO F9 Pro, and Basic mobile phone.

Here’s all that you need to know about the Honor 8X.

The Honor 8X is a genuinely beautiful looking cell phone, regardless of its having a notched appearance. Honor’s center this year has been refreshing the range’s plan to a more current look and has brought artist Sei Smith and German designer Health Dieter Rams on board to achieve this.

The Honor 8X exhibits a 6.5-inches full-HD+ TFT IPS show with 18.7:9 angle proportion. It is controlled by a great Octa-center HiSilicon Kirin 710F processor, combined with 4GB RAM and 6GB RAM alternatives. The gadget is worked on the stage of Android 8.1 Oreo out-of-the-box with a layer of EMUI 8.2.0.

Users will get a dual rear camera setup encompassing a 20 MP primary sensor and a 2 MP secondary sensor for clicking photographs purposes. There is a 16 MP camera with f/2.0 aperture on the front.

The connectivity features of the Respect 8X are 4G network support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v4.2, GPS/A-GPS, Micro USB, and a 3.5mm earphone jack.

Supported by a 3750 mAh battery, the handset can work for a long period of time.

Here below is the break down of specs of Honor X.

  • Body: Built with an aluminum frame, plastic back, (160.4 x 76.6 x 7.8 mm), 175g heavy.
  • Display: Has 6.5″ IPS LCD | 1,080 x 2,340 px | 396ppi | aspect ratio 19.5:9
  • Rear camera: Primary 20MP, f/1.8 aperture, 27mm equivalent focal length; phase detect autofocus; secondary 2MP depth sensor.
  • Front camera: 16MP, f/2.0 aperture, 26mm equivalent focal length; a fixed focus lens
  • Operating System/Software: Android 8.1 Oreo, EMUI 8.2.
  • Chipset: (4×2.2 GHz Cortex-A73 & 4×1.7 GHz Cortex-A53) Kirin 710: octa-core CPU; Mali-G51 MP4 GPU.
  • Memory: 4/6GB of RAM; 64/128GB storage; microSD card slot (dedicated).
  • Battery: 3,750mAh, 9V/2A fast charging
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2; Dual SIM; microUSB 2.0, 3.5mm jack
  • Miscellaneous: Histen 5.0; dual microphones (noise reduction); Fingerprint reader (rear-mounted)

The Honor 8X went on sale in China on September 5 for 1,399 Chinese Yuan, and it went on sale worldwide on October 2, with costs beginning from 999 AED (around $280/235 Euros). It will probably arrive in the U.S. in the not so distant future or mid-2019.

Store Keeps Getting Hit By Graffiti — What to Do?

As urban sprawl continues to push beyond the Greater Toronto Area, many small towns on its perimeter are growing at an unprecedented rate. This comes with many positives, including a larger tax base and more diverse local economy. However, it also means these towns are coping with big-city problems for the first time, including graffiti problems.

Graffiti has always existed in small towns, but usually at the hands of occasional school-aged delinquents, not persistent vandals. It’s a much bigger problem when people are returning to tag the same spot over and over because persistent graffiti tends to attract other forms of vandalism as well.

What’s the best course of action when a store keeps getting hit by graffiti? That depends on what’s missing. There’s always a reason why a store becomes the repeated target for graffiti artists, and it usually has to do with a lack of deterrence.

The first step to ending a persistent graffiti problem is to figure out if the location is missing any of the following deterrents:

  • Proper lighting. Vandals rely on the cover of darkness. If the current outdoor lighting leaves blind spots, or is too dim, the store will need an LED parking lot lighting upgrade to prevent further vandalism.
  • Trees and shrubbery along the walls. Bare walls are an invitation for graffiti. The easiest way to curb this problem is to plant trees and shrubs along the bottoms of the walls. Most vandals are opportunists and will not bother trudging through thick greenery to reach the higher areas.
  • No easy access to rooftops. Are there ladders, electrical transformers, dumpsters, or other fixtures along the walls of the building that can be used to reach the roof? If so, either move them away from the wall or block access using a fence.
  • Security cameras. Cameras don’t always prevent graffiti, but they serve as a strong deterrent to many potential vandals. If a proper surveillance system is not in the budget, even dummy cameras can help a store that keeps getting hit by graffiti.
  • Clean property. Vandals are more attracted to properties that appear run down because they know the owner is less likely to respond. Keeping the property clean and tidy will fix that part of the problem (this includes removing graffiti ASAP.) Good lighting will also enhance the appearance of the store, another reason why it may need an LED parking lot lighting upgrade.

Beyond these steps, it may become necessary to hire a nighttime security guard for until graffiti artists get the message that the owner is serious. As mentioned, most vandals are opportunists who look for easy targets, so upping the security presence even briefly will help deter them.

10 Things Women Can’t Leave Without In Their Handbag

For most women, foreseeing what we need inside our handbag every day is unthinkable. With unplanned dates and lunch gatherings after work, we’re all driving a pressed schedule. Since life can be so flighty, there are a couple of things that we believe that important to have especially if anything comes up on a hectic day.


Here are the top 10 essentials women should bring every day. From beauty care products to mints, we’ve incorporated the fundamentals that are useful to have close by for any circumstance that may emerge.


  1. Wet wipes: Mothers know all too well about the significance of wet wipes wherever they go. They are an unquestionable requirement for ladies with or without children.


  1. Mints: On the chance that you are having something garlicy or fishy for lunch, this will keep your mouth and breath fresh and no scent of bad smell.


  1. Cellphone Charger/Powerbank: We live in an alarming world, and the exact opposite thing you need is for your battery to die when you have to make a critical call.


  1. Sanitary Napkins/Extra Underwear: Ensure you are set up for the time of the month. Bring some extra undergarments just to stay comfortable during the day.


  1. Water: Remain hydrated for the duration of the day via bringing a water bottle in your bag. Keep refreshed and hydrated all day.


  1. Cologne/Perfume: Ensure you smell great throughout the day by bringing a little container of aroma in your sack – particularly on hot days.


  1. Safety pins/little sewing kit: You never know when fiasco will strike and you require a safety pin to keep a split skirt flawless until the point that you get back home or to a sewing unit to settle a shirt catch.


  1. Hand sanitizer: This is an easy decision, however such huge numbers of ladies neglect to bring this fundamental. That staple trolley you are pushing is shrouded in germs, and who knows where every one of those hands you have been shaking has been?


  1. Notepad and pen: A notepad is needed for scribbling down thoughts when imagination strikes unexpectedly, track your spending, or diary your contemplations.


  1. Lipbalm: You never know when your lips will become dry and all you want is the comfort of a lipbalm or chapstick. Keep one in your bag to prevent dry lips. This is especially important for the fall and winter months.

How Not to Be Hurt When Using Dating Apps


If you’re of a certain age, you may remember an era when people actually placed ads in the paper in order to find prospective partners. Now, of course, that is ancient history as online dating continues to be a cultural force. Millions of people use dating apps and online sites, but like most technological breakthroughs, the numbers skew young: 30% of Americans 18-29 years currently engage in online dating.

It can be very easy to feel hurt and rejected when using dating apps. Because there is no genuine interaction (in the early stages), many people have no problem simply ceasing communication without explanation. You can treat people badly with no repercussions, a problem with virtually every aspect of the internet. If you are thinking about entering into the world of online dating, here are some suggestions that can help:

Be Prepared for Rejection…A Lot of It

Much of online dating connections revolve around looks, particularly for men seeking partners. Thus, in most cases, this is all users initially have to go on, so the most attractive people get the most messages. Of course, there is far more to a connection than just looks, but that only becomes apparent when you interact, particularly in person. When you put your profile up, don’t be surprised if you get few responses; that is completely normal. It’s very important to have realistic expectations.

Don’t Take Rejection Personally

Many online dating experiences end after the first face-to-face. If someone goes silent on you following a date, don’t take that rejection personally. You cannot truly know a person from such limited contact, so they are rejecting you on the basis of a very slim appraisal of who you are. Ask your friends: we bet you will find that many longtime couples initially had no interest at all in each other. Their attraction blossomed over time as they got to know one another through regular interaction.

If You Feel Vulnerable, Stay Away

Just ended a relationship? It can be tempting to “jump right back into the saddle,” but this is actually bad timing. Chances are you already feel very hurt and vulnerable, so online dating rejection is likely to hit you twice as hard.

When is a TV Too Big?

TVs are getting bigger and bigger. Screen sizes that once seemed like the sort of thing you would only find in a sports bar are now turning up in suburban living rooms. Bigger is better is the mantra for many products these days, and the increasingly low price of televisions has resulted in bigger sizes becoming more affordable. The depth and clarity of 4K also mean that these 60-90” behemoths are still capable of displaying a very high-quality image.

But when is big simply too big? One complaint about television heard since the dawn of the medium is that it is the bastion of low-brow entertainment. Anyone who feels that way is probably not that comfortable with having a TV at all, let alone one that would dominate their living room.

Men tend to love large televisions more than women. Perhaps because sports and action movies are more accommodating to that bigger display, while romantic comedies seem more intimate on a screen that does not take up half of the living room wall. Let’s face it, though, the truth is probably simple: men love their gadgets and need to impress their friends, so they always buy into bigger is better.

From a scientific perspective, you really ought to be at least 9 feet back from a 60-inch screen (here’s a handy calculator that will provide the right distance for your TV and viewing area) to get the optimal effect. However, anything above that size and you will likely drive your interior decorator over the brink. Think about it: how would you create a lovely living environment in a room dominated by a giant black rectangle? You can always compromise and have a separate TV room that you keep out of view from strangers, like some oddball relative.

We suspect this argument won’t be settled anytime soon and might get even stranger when holographic displays become the new norm.

Making Smart Choices With Bathroom Renovations

Your bathroom needs a renovation and you don’t know whom to contract? Bathroom renovation Brisbane are the experts in this field. They will be able to renovate your bathroom and turn it as good as new with a dedicated team of specialists and their long years of experience. This will be made at a very considerable cost meant to care for your budget and I’ll give you the best beautiful and exciting new and renovated units and bathroom that your relatives and friends will love. They will visit your home for initial survey upon contacting Bathroom renovation Brisbane experts. A preliminary study of the sight is a must so as to find out what is expected. They will do it with you taking your views into consideration. They will give you their opinions and then you’ll discuss and come to terms to what is expected. After that, using the latest Computer Aided design programs, the team of experts will come forward with a 3D design model of your renovated bathrooms. They will be submitted to you in their show room along with a quotation.

To avoid such situation, the majority of the people prefer to renovate only some portion of their house rather than going for renovating the whole house. Bathroom is considered to be an important component of any house and needs renovation from time to time. However, as bathroom renovation Vancouver and bathroom designing are quite difficult task to do, it is desirable to avail the services of an authentic bathroom renovation company for the same. Make sure you get the best modular home builder for the best bathrooms.

Vancouver Bathroom Renovation is among the most difficult things that any person encounters in renovating a house. It may include complex and difficult tasks such as substituting the shower and bath tub. In addition to these, painting, plumbing, and titling work may likewise be needed while renovating a bathroom. These being quite complicated job can not be accomplished by professional adept in this field. All the renovation companies have different kinds of renovation professionals who hold expertise in their own fields. Ranging from carpenters to plumbers and painters to electricians, these companies offer all the services to their clients. That is why; people should always take assistance from the companies who provide assistance of a home renovation and work towards revamping the bathroom to give it an appealing look. Go check out some high-quality prefab homes for ideas on bathroom designs.

Although Bathroom Renovation Vancouver is done for enhancing the appearance of the same and the author of the house. However, the outcome can be equally bad if not done properly and without any planning. Therefore, experts advise to help the service of a reputed company having a group of proficient professionals who hold enough experience in home renovation including Vancouver bathroom renovation. One can give a new and fresh look to their house and make it beautiful and attractive at the same time.

To go deeper into important tips about bathroom renovation, read this post; www.royalhomes.com

Practical Home Renovations

Do you feel that your house needs a brand-new coat of paint? Do you see dark patches on your walls? Do you fear that some parts of your house are fairly unsafe and too dilapidated to stay in? , if so it appears like that the theme of home renovations could be one which is really appropriate to you.

I hope you found that interesting.

Home Renovations Vancouver B.C. is a troublesome task which not only takes ample time but likewise requires great deal of energy. For the home improvement of a house, one need to undergo precise planning and care where there should be no scope of even a small mistake as it can leave your house in a bad condition. Hence, it is for this extremely factor that people have actually always refrained themselves from redesigning their houses.

More Info About Home Renovations

When the whole project is done in a rush, well prepared home renovations commonly tend to cost a lot less than. Purchasing things in the last second, choosing that the restoration should be done in a various way half way through and working with a contractor without checking, who might waste your cash are some things that might make you invest twice your budget plan.

You must have an extremely clear concept of what you desire done and what you are going to do where refine renovations are concerned. Keep in mind that these 2 are not the same thing. You might not be able to afford all renovations that you want so you would have to give top priority to specific things which is why you need to choose the important things that should be done.

Remember exactly what might be called the most crucial commandment of home renovations. , if you have any doubt about whether or not you would be able to finish the project due to financial monetary restraints other problems issues start the project.. If you take place to have just one house home renovations that go on for a fairly long duration of time may develop some difficulties for you as you may not be able to live in your house while the renovations go on.

Consulting a home inspector is not something that should be left for the last moment. Taking care in selecting your service provider is likewise something that is very reasonable. It’s needless to say that home renovations are quite costly. Perhaps you might be able to obtain a thing like a home enhancement loan that could assist in decreasing your expenses and go online and look for plan on anything that you may have to purchase. Make sure that what you purchase are of proper quality because home renovations are not something that you could do monthly so a home improvement ought to have the ability to stand the test of time.

You might also be able to find a lot of instructions and suggestions on home renovations on the web and get all the assistance you can because possibilities are that you are going to need every bit of it.

Diy Projects?

When beginning any diy job you must always ensure that your measurements and markings are precise if you do not then you might be moving towards difficulty even more down your project, whether it be a diy door frame or a diy conservatory, you need to constantly guarantee that your measurements are correct and if need be get somebody to double check them for you.

There are different diy home art projects that can be done inside the house. Contrary to common belief, these art projects are also ideal for individuals looking for economical ways to reconnect with the household on a budget plan. With the ideal project ideas, there is no requirement for anyone to start spending big amounts of money on professional quality paints and artists brushes that can leave gaping holes in any average household’s spending plan. Here are some of the very best diy house art projects that you can try on your own.

Now are you going to be making use of a lot of wood in your diy project, what if this wood is not pre smoothed down, are you going to take the long method of utilizing sand paper to ravel the wood or will you utilize a electric sander to quicken up the project for you, with electric portable sanders you will certainly get typically a stick on sanding strip so with a huge diy task remember to stockpile on these as they will use down and will need changing, if you are going to be utilizing an electric sander keep in mind to be aware that these electric devices first of all are unsafe so use ppe and second of all they will vibrate a lot so do not use them constantly or you will certainly wind up with a great deal of pains and pains in your hands and arms.

Digging Deeper Into Diy Sites

Micro specific niche sites are one-page sites that are highly targeted to really particular markets. They are sub-niches, and some are sub-niches within sub-niches. In other words, your marketing is laser targeted for high paying keywords that don’t have much competitors.

The top Bingo sites can be categorised into 2 categories, leading UK Bingo sites and leading Bingo sites. Leading UK Bingo Sites are those which deal with just UK-based Bingo players. Many Bingo platforms are suggested to supply services to UK Bingo gamers as in this manner they can attract a large number of UK Bingo gamers to their online platforms. Running Bingo companies in UK is a successful and well thought out choice as right here players trust UK-based Bingo sites more than any other platform. This is because of the fact that they can reach to the gamers and make their actual presence felt due to the fact that of their proximity to the Bingo gamers. On the other hand, UK-based Bingo sites have actually likewise lived up to the expectations of players by reaching them with their payouts and rewards.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Diy Sites

The decision of consisting of Bingo sites in the section of Top Bingo Sites is usually done on the basis of the players’ satisfaction and experts’ assessment. Right here, the players’ satisfaction includes the forms and review filled/ done by gamers after playing on these Free Bingo Sites. This can be sent on the that specific site or anywhere on server, whereas on the other hand, the specialists’ evaluation is done on standard factors consisting of the quality of chat prizes, prizes and hosts provided, efficiency of the support system, ease of smoothness, heaviness of site, etc. These other and technical information assist them in figuring out the type of atmosphere they offer to Bingo players to break out their stress and enjoy their time. Bingo sites need to be light and need to provide ease of movement from tab one to another, so that gamers do not discover it irritating to wait for the long intervals while viewing a packing bar moving on their screens. Without this, the basic purpose of putting Bingo sites on the online medium will be defeated.

The cool aspect of micro niche sites is that you can completely control a keyword expression exceptionally quickly. They’re easy as heck to build since these are normally one-page sites. With a minimum of site structure and back linking, you can get lots of traffic and rule the keyword.

Right here’s an example of a micro niche site. You might build a site around solar panel kits that you can make use of to construct your own panels in the house. Your main keyword phrase might be something like ‘DIY photovoltaic panel kits.’ You’ll discover that it’s more than a word or 2; micro specific niche sites target long tail keywords, many which are nearly sentence-length.