5 Bong Mouthpieces to Defeat Cup Cough

Cup cough: it’s a thing. From a germ perspective, sharing a bong is about the same as swapping spit. So it’s no surprise that you can catch a cold, flu, or any other number of viruses from taking rips from a communal bong.

If want to avoid catching cup cough (but not pass your the next smoke sesh), you can always get yourself one of any number of cannabis bong mouthpieces people have come up with. This is still a developing market, so there’s not tons of selection (at least not compared to bongs in general) but you can get it’ll grow as cannabis acceptable grows here and above the border.

Here are some of your choices as of 2018:

1. Silicone Mouthpiece

Moose Labs has introduced a number of cannabis supplies into the world, including the world-famous Mouthpeace – probably among the most well-known of cannabis bong mouthpieces. This baby comes in three sizes, with a universal design that fits most bongs, pipes, and vapes out there. The silicone design makes it easy to wash (just toss it in the dishwasher) for a germ-free smoking experience.

2. Angled Mouthpiece

If you love to rip a colossally-tall bong that teeters when you touch it, the angled mouthpiece is for you. This shape solves the problem of building a piece too tall to hit without the threat of tipping your stack over too far. It also does a good job of extending the pipe for a cooler puff of smoke.

3. Spiral Mouthpiece

This one’s just cool. There are a few spiral-style mouthpieces out there, like the Helix, with holes that make the smoke spiral in chamber. Even your sober friend should be able to appreciate the effect, as far as I’m concerned. As a bonus, it’s supposed to slow the burn.

4. KashIt

The Kashit is a glass mouthpiece designed to cool your smoke waaaaay down before it hits your lungs (as seen in this cheesy video demonstration.) I love the concept of this thing, because heat is my only complaint about pipes and the reason I prefer vaping. Smart idea and easy execution. Unfortunately, it’s become pretty hard to find this thing.

5. Gas Mask

Excessive? Absolutely. Awesome? Well, I think that depends on how you feel about rave goggles and other goofy stoner headgear. Stoners have been piping their hits to gas masks since WW1, but Moose Labs cannabis supplies wizards responsible for the Mouthpeace, have now created a silicone version made especially for smoking pot. It’s ridiculous and I don’t like it, but it exists, and I’d be wrong not to mention it in a post about mouthpieces.

What’s Your Favorite Mouthpiece?

A boring old silicone mouthpiece to keep the glass mouthpiece of my vape clean is good enough for me. I’d try the KashIt if given the opportunity, and I’ll admit I’d shell out for the spiral helix if I could afford it. Thoughts?